The Restaurant

International atmosphere, tailored catering and traditional service: the different souls of the hotel are condensed in the menu of the restaurant, in a clear and clear balance that constitutes the very identity of its cuisine.

The map moves between the tracks of the classic hotel and the proposals of the territory, following the seasonality of ingredients and raw materials.

The experience of the chef Daniele Santovito, matured between Turin, the Ligurian Riviera and the United Kingdom, is expressed in genuine and well-executed proposals, which also denote his interest in natural vegan cuisine, recently consolidated with a master’s degree at Pietro Leeman’s Joia Acedemy.

The room is entrusted to Renzo Ccancce, who after the French experiences and the Turbie of Bruno Cirino and Turin of KAY Essenza Peruviana and Piano35, arrives at the Restaurant Carlina at the helm of a service between formalities, for consistency with the austere elegance of the place, and the pleasure of making the customer feel ‘at home’, and anyone who decides to sit at the tables of the Restaurant.

ristorante carlina

The wine list curated by Sommelier Massimo Di Chiaro, offers more than 500 labels to explore all the wine areas of Italy and the most important of France and Germany. The common denominator is terroirs: an essential combination of territory and native vine.

We start with Italian bubbles to arrive at a wide selection of champagne. For the whites were chosen the most representative producers of all the regions of Italy, but ample space is also given to the French with a selection from Alsace to Burgundy to the Loire. In addition, a small but accurate assortment of German labels makes the proposal on whites even more appealing.

Traditional wines are the protagonists of the chapter on reds: Piedmont and Tuscany in the first place with a selection of large and small producers and a depth of vintages difficult to find on the contemporary market. For France a good part is dedicated to Burgundy, Bordeaux and Cotes du Rhone with excellent representatives for each subzone.