Here is the menu for the New Year’s Eve dinner 2020 at Restaurant Carlina

Cardoncello and pak-Choy with Lapsang tofu cream
Cardoncello mushrooms and pakchoy Cabbage on tofu velouté with Lapsang tea

Oyster in tempura, wasabi mayonnaise
Tempura oyster, wasabi mayonnaise

Seared eel, aji amarillo, purple potato
Seared sea eel, Aji Amarillo, violet potato

Cotechino buttons with lentil cream
Fresh pasta filled with cotechino, lentils cream

Duck breast, its foie gras, parsnip, tonka bean, turnip tops
Duck breast, foie gras, Parsnip, Tonka Beans turnip tops

Quinoa, pineapple, figs
Quinoa, star anise, cinnamon, pineapple

Mousse with maracuja, rhubarb, white chocolate
Maracuja mousse, rhubarb, white chocolate

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