Wine Cellar

Wine selection

Selected by our Sommelier, Massimo Di Chiaro, our wine list boasts more than 500 labels to choose from, in order to explore all of Italians wine-producing areas and the most important of France and Germany. The common denominator is the terroirs: the essential union of wine-producing areas and local varieties.

It all starts with Italian sparkling wines, leading into a broad selection of champagnes. For the white varieties, we have selected the most representative producers from all of Italy’s regions, but wide space is also set aside for French varieties, with a selection from Alsace, the Loire valley and Burgundy. There is also a small but meticulously selected choice of German labels, making our whites further on enticing.

Traditional wines steal the limelight when it comes to our reds: first and foremost from Piedmont and Tuscany, with a selection of both major and small producers and a depth of vintages hard to find in today’s market. As for France, a large portion of the red wines stem from Burgundy, Bordeaux and Cotes du Rhone, with an excellent representation of each sub-territory.